Snack on somethin' sweet today. As a lil treat. I won't tell on you ;)

Heya! This page is extreEEEMELY under construction. Many of the links right now go to hammer space while I'm learning my way around cobbling code, but I hope you enjoy the visit regardless!

My eventual dream for the page is to fill all the interface with my own custom assets, but in the meanwhile it's really fun to try finding materials that match the overall vibes of the site.

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Empty Pages

  • Tutorials
  • My Sketchbook
  • The Bookshelf
  • Ye Old Gallery
  • Crafter's Corner
  • WIP/Placeholder Pages

  • Virtual Pets
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Doll Makers
  • Old Media Player
  • Animation Station
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  • To-Do List

  • Make custom HUD graphics for music players on other pages
  • Actually finish writing up and decorating articles for the various shrine pages
  • Make a page maybe for current quick-review stuff, separate from the long term indie reviews page?
  • Finish cleaning up/archiving assets I saved from Candybar Dollmaker 5
  • Work on pixel art to join the RPG Club, Teeny Towers, and Pocket Town pixel cliques
  • Make custom scrollbars for overflow boxes, especially for the larger shrine pages.
  • Make a larger art gallery as an archive for much of my artwork, but also to archive old descriptions from my dA page.
  • Make the Yujin stylus page as a smaller shrine somewhere.
  • Customize the Sketchbook and Animation pages to have special layouts
  • Web Rings

    What if we kissed here in the flowers? o////o
    Kirby's Dreamland 3 - World 1 Stage 4